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CoD4 Jump Maps

Map Name Author Old SchoolUser Rating Rate
»  mp_fly Jack0p No Rate
»  mp_boxes_v2 SkyLine No Rate
»  mp_pizzahut_v2 Dutchnoob No Rate
»  mp_pizzahut Dutchnoob No Rate
»  mp_mayan_ruins Crago No Rate
»  mp_sunset ata & Beload No Rate
»  mp_nowville KiwiStevie No Rate
»  mp_empire eBc|Legend No Rate
»  mp_the_extreme Ultimate No Rate
»  mp_omnigacy Jewel No Rate
»  mp_eb_fear_v2 Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_descent_v2 =.VaRtaZiaN.= No Rate
»  mp_masyaf Energie No Rate
»  mp_unbelievable Ultimate Yes Rate
»  mp_blu3 Chucky. No Rate
»  mp_invjump invzyex No Rate
»  mp_newnyv Nyvedj No Rate
»  mp_pcbank pcbouncer No Rate
»  mp_shade Soap No Rate
»  mp_legacy Jewel No Rate
»  mp_morningstar Spawner No Rate
»  mp_lavajump_v2_nos Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_blue2 Chucky. No Rate
»  mp_windsor_bay Goro No Rate
»  mp_three BurntToast No Rate
»  mp_penton +pfx.billy No Rate
»  mp_cj_sky_bounce SoBerries No Rate
»  mp_ghost_town CaptainKirk No Rate
»  mp_mines_of_moria Jewel No Rate
»  mp_eb_fear Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump_nos Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_futile pcbouncer No Rate
»  mp_christmas Jewel No Rate
»  mp_monster Fuzzmunch No Rate
»  mp_mystic Wez No Rate
»  mp_the_distance Josh246810 No Rate
»  mp_eb_rudnik Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_uriq Warex No Rate
»  mp_nightfall PughieFTW No Rate
»  mp_descent =.VaRtaZiaN.= No Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump_v2 Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_lost_parts koj No Rate
»  mp_greenery Sacred/Ryuk No Rate
»  mp_nightmare ata No Rate
»  mp_raymanadventure Crago No Rate
»  mp_advanced_jump nBa*G0LD No Rate
»  mp_hazard SkillZ No Rate
»  mp_omalto xxG No Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_blue Chucky. No Rate
»  mp_inspiration =.VaRtaZiaN.= No Rate
»  mp_eb_pugh Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_more_backlot_fun hullabalusa No Rate
»  mp_gisa Smrad Jumper No Rate
»  mp_go_home_v2 -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_polar Xenon No Rate
»  mp_boun1 S1ck No Rate
»  mp_mass_effect koj No Rate
»  mp_islands Xenon No Rate
»  mp_nevada kie No Rate
»  mp_oerba Paragon No Rate
»  mp_fortress Xenon No Rate
»  mp_tunnel Calum! No Rate
»  mp_skybound Pughiee No Rate
»  mp_windsor_p Goro & Bre No Rate
»  mp_rayman Crago No Rate
»  mp_go_home_v1 -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_destroyed kie No Rate
»  mp_dark_v2 kie No Rate
»  mp_eb_merkzz Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_teliport_v4 Mad Jumper Yes Rate
»  mp_mad_v1 Mad Jumper Yes Rate
»  mp_mads_hospital_v1 Mad Jumper Yes Rate
»  mp_mads_curve Mad Jumper Yes Rate
»  mp_mad_jumper_v1 Mad Jumper Yes Rate
»  mp_rbliamv3 rB|Liam* No Rate
»  mp_yo_v1 -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_combo Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_lightning Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_noname SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_eb_unknown Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_architektur koj No Rate
»  mp_help Rich No Rate
»  mp_dark kie No Rate
»  mp_eb_bouncer1 kie No Rate
»  mp_canyon Sohvax No Rate
»  mp_insane -=JuMp=-ata No Rate
»  mp_average Werax No Rate
»  mp_ultimate aB|BounceRz No Rate
»  mp_space Paragon No Rate
»  mp_reizen Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_explicit Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_levels Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_to_the_moon =.VaRtaZiaN.= No Rate
»  mp_man xxG No Rate
»  mp_skypia_v1 -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_fussaids_v1 -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_tampl SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_trauma -=JuMp=-ata No Rate
»  mp_tower_nOs koj No Rate
»  mp_into_the_blue Sacred No Rate
»  mp_tower koj Yes Rate
»  mp_vertigo =.VaRtaZiaN.= No Rate
»  mp_prisonbreak Kamii No Rate
»  mp_otb_turbo [OTB]TURBO No Rate
»  mp_wireframe_r4 R4d0xZz No Rate
»  mp_4gf_jump 4gf No Rate
»  mp_Ae_Daz |=Ae=|Daz No Rate
»  mp_needs_skills XeloX No Rate
»  mp_rbliam_v2 rB|Liam* No Rate
»  mp_insight Savior No Rate
»  mp_strafe_jumps_os GeTSkilled Yes Rate
»  mp_rbliam rB|Liam* No Rate
»  mp_jumpure DjTranceFire No Rate
»  mp_strafe_jumps GeTSkilled No Rate
»  mp_ko_jump damR Yes Rate
»  mp_pigi SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_lawless_v2 Lawless No Rate
»  mp_mega aB|BounceRz No Rate
»  mp_jumping_season SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_hnus SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_craft_v1 Perplex' No Rate
»  mp_cave koj No Rate
»  mp_meh Sohvax No Rate
»  mp_digital KillerSam & Pedsdude No Rate
»  mp_testart Coverop Yes Rate
»  mp_mike_jump [TB]Mike No Rate
»  mp_cheops Oi!mel No Rate
»  mp_strafers Creaze No Rate
»  mp_default paintlax21 Yes Rate
»  mp_forgotten #Jumper___ No Rate
»  mp_teliport_v3 Mad Jumper No Rate
»  mp_teliport_v2 Mad Jumper No Rate
»  mp_vectra SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_teliport Mad Jumper No Rate
»  mp_inferno_paradiso {JUMPER}Alfio Yes Rate
»  mp_the_secret {JUMPER}Alfio Yes Rate
»  mp_jm_cruise Rezil No Rate
»  mp_sonic _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_all_in all_in No Rate
»  mp_dungeon_p _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_trial_2_p _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_rpg_training_v1 Snipersoul No Rate
»  mp_freakjump_ext Fr3ak No Rate
»  mp_portal _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_pgb_jump SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_ib_glass_v3 R4d0xZz No Rate
»  mp_freak_jump Fr3ak No Rate
»  mp_winter_codjump |=CJ=|General No Rate
»  mp_mountainbase Sohvax No Rate
»  mp_codjump |=CJ=|General No Rate
»  mp_yo -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_cleopatra |Master| No Rate
»  mp_vs_gaps_v4 R4d0xZz No Rate
»  mp_pmod_elepractice DreaM|eCho No Rate
»  mp_jumpsensation |Master| No Rate
»  mp_galus -=JuMp=-Cyg X-1 No Rate
»  mp_monkeys_home Oi!mel No Rate
»  mp_easy_jump SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_ib_glass R4d0xZz No Rate
»  mp_mike_jump2 [TB]Mike No Rate
»  mp_future >>AtomiX<< Yes Rate
»  mp_badboys SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_jump_masterz XeloX Yes Rate
»  mp_gp_jump SmrtiBracha No Rate
»  mp_jump_team_2 |Master| No Rate
»  mp_skipper TheJumper No Rate
»  mp_impossible >>AtomiX<< Yes Rate
»  mp_the_castle >>AtomiX<< Yes Rate
»  mp_jm_sewer -Xo- TechPB No Rate
»  mp_ib_hq R4d0xZz No Rate
»  mp_mountain_jump TheJumper No Rate
»  mp_artillery |Master| No Rate
»  mp_bouncer_training [TB]Mike No Rate
»  mp_tb_jump [TB]Mike & [TB]Tazzy No Rate
»  mp_dungeon _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_trial_2 _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_jm_offices Rezil No Rate
»  mp_tb_jumpv1 [TB]Mike & [TB]Tazzy No Rate
»  mp_colourful Xylozi No Rate
»  mp_peds_propel Pedsdude No Rate
»  mp_lighthouse Scrappy & Most No Rate
»  mp_spacestation _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_natural_jump #Jumper___ No Rate
»  mp_rocket #Jumper___ No Rate
»  mp_lost_world #Jumper___ No Rate
»  mp_crazy_jump #Jumper___ No Rate
»  mp_codjumper_training KillerSam & Pedsdude No Rate
»  mp_trial _DanTheMan_ No Rate
»  mp_jumpopolis CyboPat No Rate
»  mp_jump_camp =ICE=Al3X No Rate
»  mp_jumperpro_125 Glitcher No Rate
»  mp_oldschool aicaramba No Rate
»  mp_climbing =ICE=Al3X No Rate
»  mp_gap_training KillerSam & Pedsdude No Rate

TBC = To Be Confirmed
Gold Font = This map has been rated 5 stars by the CJ Team
Total number of maps: 195

» Map Instructions:
1. Click on a map name to download the .zip file.
2. Extract the .zip file and place the map folder in your 'Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\usermaps' directory.
3. Load CoD4MP using a mod, click Start New Server, select the map, start game.
4. Alternatively, load CoD4MP with a mod, open console, type '/map mapname' (where mapname is the name of the map, e.g. mp_gap_training)

» Walkthrough Instructions:
1. Click on 'Yes' next to the relevant map to download the .dm_1 file.
2. Place the .dm_1 file in your 'Call of Duty 4\mods\codjumper\demos' folder.
3. Load CoD4MP with codjumper mod, open console, type '/demo mapname' (where mapname is the name of the demo, e.g. mp_gap_training_demo)

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