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CoD Jump Maps

Map Name Author User Rating Rate
  ZaiT_2013_Gaps ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  ddd_easy_jump DudeDewDaa Unrated Rate
  jm_Everything Creat!ve~TOMMYslav3 Rate
  cp_evilangel crazypanzer Rate
  ch_quickie Cheese Rate
  cp_sirens_call crazypanzer Rate
  cp_lawlwhut crazypanzer Rate
  nm_cure Nightmare Rate
  jm_speed ~Lisa~ Rate
  jm_house ~Lisa~ Rate
  jm_robbery ~Lisa~ Rate
  tower ~Lisa~ Rate
  garder ~Lisa~ Rate
  NEV_NamedSpace XNevanderX Rate
  NEV_CodeRed XNevanderX Rate
  NEV_FirstOneV2 XNevanderX Rate
  NEV_TempleOfPoseidonV2 XNevanderX Rate
  ga_outbreak hellguard Rate
  ch_space Cheese Rate
  NEV_TempleOfPoseidon XNevanderX Rate
  NEV_jumpfacility XNevanderX Rate
  NEV_firstone XNevanderX Rate
  Starship Loser Rate
  nm_dual_2 Nightmare Rate
  svt_xmas_v2 Soviet Rate
  svt_xmas Soviet Rate
  Duo_Cool2 Cpt.Cool Rate
  Jm_LockOver Scorpion Rate
  od_dbk_v2 OPPDelta Rate
  od_dbk OPPDelta Unrated Rate
  nm_jungle_2 Nightmare Rate
  jm_towering_inferno |:-)|Puppy_Marine Rate
  perps_world Perple Rate
  duo_coolv1 Cool Rate
  kn_angry KoK4!N Rate
  jm_fear surgeon2k Rate
  funjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  easyjump ! Zaitsev ! Unrated Rate
  nm_dual Nightmare Rate
  jm_factory Barbaar Rate
  nm_portal Nightmare Rate
  jm_hollywood Lisa Rate
  peds_parkour Pedsdude Rate
  jm_jumpie Matt Unrated Rate
  jm_blah Yano Unrated Rate
  jm_kubuntu Yano Unrated Rate
  jm_canonjump Moriar Rate
  nm_toybox Nightmare Rate
  vik_jump Derick Rate
  nm_mansion Nightmare Rate
  jm_gap KillerSam Rate
  jm_barbaar2 Barbaar Rate
  jm_trenton Lisa Rate
  cj_gap_training ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  jm_alienattack Marshall Rate
  jm_amatuer Marshall Rate
  ultramap Easytarget & Protagonist Unrated Rate
  xsc_jump [uKc]Zaitsev.|Pvt Rate
  nm_trap Nightmare Rate
  jm_classique Marshall Rate
  jm_pyrop Pyrop Rate
  hardjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  double_vision Lisa Rate
  ct_infinity <)Inf!n!ty(> Rate
  ct_aztec <)Inf!n!ty(> Rate
  cjm_jump First Unrated Rate
  jm_caramba Ai Caramba Rate
  jm_bunkertrix Creative Rate
  nm_random Nightmare Rate
  nm_unlocked Nightmare Rate
  nm_training Nightmare Rate
  jm_maniacmansion Drofder2004 Rate
  peds_pace Pedsdude Rate
  ultra_gap_training Luke Rate
  jm_house_of_pain Marshall Rate
  nm_race Nightmare Rate
  nm_tower Nightmare Rate
  wacked Lisa Rate
  groms_skatepark Gromgutten Rate
  jm_castle Luke Rate
  peds_xmas Pedsdude Rate
  jm_motion Luke Rate
  jm_pillZ PillZ Rate
  nm_castle Nightmare Rate
  nm_jumpit Nightmare Rate
  nm_jumpworld Nightmare Rate
  nm_nightmare Nightmare Rate
  nm_pinball Nightmare Rate
  nm_treehouse Nightmare Rate
  nm_jump Nightmare Rate
  Mad_House sas-ollie Rate
  jm_pogo KillerSam Rate
  Krime_Pyramid Krime Rate
  cjm_first First Rate
  zaitway ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  zaittower2 ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  zaittower ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  zaitroofs ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  zaitjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  zaithouse ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  waterjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  speedjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  son-of-bitch Leveller Rate
  shadows_metalfloor Shadow Rate
  shadows_jump2 Shadow Rate
  rrak rrak Rate
  riverjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  railyard_jump Leveller Rate
  race Plazma Rate
  pyro_jump_new Pyro Rate
  ptg Leveller Rate
  peds_puzzle_race Pedsdude Rate
  peds_puzzle Pedsdude Rate
  peds_practice Pedsdude Rate
  peds_palace Pedsdude Rate
  peds_f4a Pedsdude Rate
  peds_bathroom Pedsdude Rate
  mp_jump-race Headshot Rate
  mp_jump noginn Rate
  mp_hochhaus codtrickstar Rate
  mixjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  mazeofdeath Luke Rate
  leap-of-faith Luke Rate
  ladderway ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  jumpville Leveller Rate
  jumping-falls Leveller Rate
  jumphouse ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  jm_zaitsev ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  jm_wOOp Plazma Rate
  jm_uzi RinCe Rate
  jm_tools ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  jm_titan Titan Rate
  jm_skysv4c Matrix Rate
  jm_sic Sic Rate
  jm_room Jimbob Rate
  jm_rock woCooM & Infiniti Rate
  jm_rikku Rikku Rate
  jm_plazma Plazma Rate
  jm_mota Mota Rate
  jm_milestone Storm Rate
  jm_maz woCooM Rate
  jm_learn2jump Ghoti Rate
  jm_ladder RinCe Rate
  jm_krime Krime Rate
  jm_infiniti Infiniti Rate
  jm_ghoti Ghoti Rate
  jm_crispy Storm Rate
  jm_clampdown Storm Rate
  jm_coridor Rikku Rate
  jm_barnjump2 Western Rate
  illjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  greenjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  germanjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  easyrun ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  dv_mr_yoshi Mr Yoshi Rate
  doorway ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  dawnjump ! Zaitsev ! Rate
  Dan_JumpV3 Dan Rate
  Dan_JumpV2 Dan Rate
  cj_wolfsworld Wolf Rate
  cj_wolfjump Wolf Rate
  cj_training De$t!nY Rate
  cj_quick RinCe Rate
  cj_hornet woCoom & Monkey Rate
  cj_hallwayofdoom Monkey Rate
  cj_cow RinCe Rate
  cj_change codtrickstar Rate
  Bitch Leveller Rate
  bc_bocli Bounty & Clipsie Rate

TBC = To Be Confirmed
Gold Font = This map has been rated 5 stars by the CJ Team
Total number of maps: 169

Map Instructions:
1. Click on a map name to download the .zip file.
2. Extract the .zip file.
3. Place the .pk3 file in your 'Call of Duty\main' directory.
4. Load CoDMP, click Start New Server, select the map, start game.
5. Alternatively, load CoDMP, open console, type '/map mapname' (where mapname is the name of the map, e.g. peds_palace)

Walkthrough Instructions:
1. Click on 'Yes' next to the relevant map to download the .dm_2 file.
2. Place the .dm_2 file in your 'Call of Duty\main\demos' folder.
3. Load CoDMP, open console, type '/demo mapname' (where mapname is the name of the map, e.g. peds_palace)

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