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CoD4 Jump Maps

Map Name Author Old SchoolUser Rating Rate
»  mp_eb_fear_v2 Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_lavajump_v2_nos Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_fear Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump_nos Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_rudnik Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump_v2 Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_eb_lavajump Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_eb_pugh Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_eb_merkzz Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_combo Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_lightning Explicit Bouncers No Rate
»  mp_eb_unknown Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_reizen Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_explicit Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate
»  mp_levels Explicit Bouncers Yes Rate

TBC = To Be Confirmed
Gold Font = This map has been rated 5 stars by the CJ Team
Total number of maps: 15

» Map Instructions:
1. Click on a map name to download the .zip file.
2. Extract the .zip file and place the map folder in your 'Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\usermaps' directory.
3. Load CoD4MP using a mod, click Start New Server, select the map, start game.
4. Alternatively, load CoD4MP with a mod, open console, type '/map mapname' (where mapname is the name of the map, e.g. mp_gap_training)

» Walkthrough Instructions:
1. Click on 'Yes' next to the relevant map to download the .dm_1 file.
2. Place the .dm_1 file in your 'Call of Duty 4\mods\codjumper\demos' folder.
3. Load CoD4MP with codjumper mod, open console, type '/demo mapname' (where mapname is the name of the demo, e.g. mp_gap_training_demo)

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