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There are some jumps which require you to use a 'FPS jump number', the most popular being 125 (other recommended numbers are: 76, 250 and 333). This is because the Call of Duty series uses a modified Quake 3 engine which allows you to jump fractionally higher at certain FPS levels. This little bit extra can be enough to access new places. Also remember that the higher the fps jump number, the higher you can jump.

The first thing to do is unlock the FPS which by default is capped at 60. To do this, turn off sync every frame in the options menu (options -> performance). Now when in a game press ~ (or ` - the key above tab) to bring down the console, then type /com_maxfps 125 to set the FPS limit to 125 (obviously you can set this to whatever value you want). To check your FPS, type /cg_drawfps 1 in the console. To hide your FPS, type /cg_drawfps 0 to get rid of the display (which will be in the top right hand corner of the screen).

If you are unable to reach your desired FPS level, there are a few ways to increase it:

 » Upgrade your computer
 » Update your graphics drivers
 » Turn off v-sync by going to control panel/display properties/settings/advanced/'video card name"/additional properties then go to the Direct3D & OpenGL tabs. Look for v-sync and turn it to "always off"
 » Go to control panel/display properties/settings/advanced/monitor and change your monitor refresh frequency to the highest supported that doesn't shrink the size of your screen
 » In the game look down at the ground, or up at the sky to increase FPS
 » Lower details in options such as textures, resolution, model detail, sound quality, lighting effects, etc.
 » Use /com_hunkmegs 256 usually set it to half of your total RAM
 » If you have a Nvidia G-force card and use Windows XP/2000 you could use try Reforce
 » Overclock parts of your computer, e.g. change FSB settings in bios to overclock the CPU if it isn't locked, overclock your graphics card (for ATI cards use atitool, for nVidia use coolbits and for both ATI and nVidia use rivatuner)

WARNING - is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer as a result of overclocking etc. - you mess about with your computer at YOUR OWN RISK!

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