CoD 1.5 AKK - Auto Kick Killer v1.5

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CJ Wannabe
CJ Wannabe
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CoD 1.5 AKK - Auto Kick Killer v1.5

Post by Goodshot » January 11th, 2015, 9:14 pm

Hi, I am running a dedicated CoD 1.5 server with AKK - Auto Kick Killer v1.5. Everything seems to be running great except players can be killed by other players. This is my first time running this mod. Other players say other players are not supposed to die when you shoot them. Trying to figure out how to remove damage or ammo. These are my settings, thank you in advance:

+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port xxxxx +exec dedicated.cfg +map_rotate +set sv_punkbuster 0

// Hostname and Message of the Day
set sv_hostname ""
set scr_motd "Destroy Target A or B by planting explosives at either location."

// Maximum Clients
set sv_maxclients "32"

// Team Icons
set scr_drawfriend "1"
// Forced Respawn
set scr_forcerespawn "0"

// Friendly Fire
set scr_friendlyfire "0"

// Allow Voting
// It is recommended if you have friendly fire on
// that you also enable voting so that players can kick team-killers.
set scr_allow_vote "1"

// Rconpassword
set rconpassword ""

// HTTP Redirect
set sv_allowDownload "1"
set sv_wwwDownload "1"
set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "1"
set sv_wwwBaseUrl ""

//Jumper Settings
//set cj_welcome "1::Hello::0::Welcome to the server::3::Enjoy your stay"

// Weapons Allowed
//set scr_allow_bar "0"
//set scr_allow_bren "0"
//set scr_allow_fg42 "0"
//set scr_allow_enfield "0"
//set scr_allow_kar98k "0"
//set scr_allow_kar98ksniper "0"
//set scr_allow_m1carbine "0"
//set scr_allow_m1garand "0"
//set scr_allow_mp40 "0"
//set scr_allow_mp44 "0"
//set scr_allow_nagant "0"
//set scr_allow_nagantsniper "0"
//set scr_allow_panzerfaust "1"
//set scr_allow_ppsh "0"
//set scr_allow_springfield "0"
//set scr_allow_sten "0"
//set scr_allow_thompson "0"

// Search and Destroy Settings
set scr_sd_graceperiod "20"
set scr_sd_roundlength "3"
set scr_sd_roundlimit "7"
set scr_sd_scorelimit "5"
set scr_sd_timelimit "0"

// Behind Enemy Lines Settings
set scr_bel_alivepointtime "10"
set scr_bel_scorelimit "50"
set scr_bel_timelimit "20"

// Retrieval Settings
set scr_re_graceperiod "20"
set scr_re_roundlength "3"
set scr_re_roundlimit "7"
set scr_re_scorelimit "5"
set scr_re_showcarrier "0"
set scr_re_timelimit "0"

// Team Deathmatch
set scr_tdm_scorelimit "150"
set scr_tdm_timelimit "20"

// Deathmatch
set scr_dm_scorelimit "80"
set scr_dm_timelimit "20"

// The rotation.

set g_gametype dm

set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map ch_quickie gametype dm map ch_space gametype dm map cj_change gametype dm map cj_gap_training gametype dm map cj_hallwayofdoom gametype dm map cj_cow gametype dm map CJ_HORNET gametype dm map cj_quick gametype dm map cj_training gametype dm map cjm_first gametype dm map cjm_jump gametype dm map cp_lawlwhut gametype dm map CT_Aztec gametype dm map CT_Infinity gametype dm map Dan_JumpV2 gametype dm map dawnjump gametype dm map ddd_easy_jump gametype dm map doorway gametype dm map double_vision"

seta scr_saveposition "1"

CJ Wannabe
CJ Wannabe
Posts: 2
Joined: January 11th, 2015, 8:47 pm

Re: CoD 1.5 AKK - Auto Kick Killer v1.5

Post by Goodshot » January 19th, 2015, 12:35 am

Solved it by instead using Cod_Auto_kick_killer_v1.5.pk3 and adding exec lev_auto_kick.cfg at the end of the dedicated.cfg and editing the lev_auto_kick.cfg inside the Cod_Auto_kick_killer_v1.5.pk3. Now shots don't kill and jump in peace. Thanks :)

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