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» Call of Duty

Strafe jumping is used in a lot of the demos on this site, and can be used to jump further to reach new places. However, a lot of people have problems with stafe jumping when they first start. A short summary of strafe jumping would be that you gain extra speed by flicking your mouse in the direction you want to land, while strafing and moving forward. You should flick the mouse fairly fast otherwise you won't gain enough speed, but at the same time it should not be too sudden. It's not too difficult once you get the hang of it, it's simply a case of practicing and eventually you'll get used to the movement.

It may be useful to view some demos, particularly from the gap records page.

Also, be sure to check out woCooM's strafe jumping script. It requires mouse input, so it is quite hard to get the hang of at first. Download it here.

  » 255+ jumping

You can jump up to 255units, using the method of jumping shown in the general strafe jumping tutorial. But to get further requires a 'new' strafe jumping technique, which is actually the proper way to strafe jump in Quake 3. Since COD uses the Quake 3 engine, doing these strafe jumps is no different.

The first change is that you have to strafe jump at 90 degree angles. So first line youself up parallel to where you want to jump. Don't stand too near the edge either since you need a tiny bit of room to turn the 90 degrees. The next step is the run up which can be long or short its just comes down to personal preference. Now the next bit is very important, the moment you start turning the mouse you must hold down the strafe key. You should start moving to the side very fast and you should feel yourself picking up speed before you take off. The movement of the mouse should only be horizontal, and is mainly used to help you turn quickly and line up the jump. So after you start moving the mouse while holding the strafe key you should be lined up for the jump in a split second. So when you are right at the edge of the platform jump, I think the only keys you need to hold are forward and the strafe key when you are in the air.

Well thats all there is to it really, if you want more practice go and play the Quake 3 mod Defrag, or watch these demos which go from 256-260. Gap demos here .

» Call of Duty 2

You have seen a lot of people who reach some impossible spots while gaming and you wanted to know how they get to those places. Somebody told you to have a look at and download a demo and watch it, so you did, but are still having trouble. These tutorials should help you learn to strafe jump.
Strafe jumping in Call of Duty 2 is basically the same as in Call of Duty, and most people who can strafe in CoD will be able to do it in CoD2. There are 2 ways for basic jumping. The first one is without strafe keys. Align yourself parallel to the edge of the base you want to strafe off and focus your sight down on the ground. Now run in a quarter circle or arc and when you are at the edgem flick your mouse fairly in order to gain more speed towards the destination you want to jump to. It will take you some time to figure it out, but practise and patience are needed. Watch this demo to see how it is done: strafetut1

For more experienced jumpers:

  » Strafing using strafe keys:

OK, for the beginning same as above, align yourself parallel to the edge of the base you want to strafe off and focus your sight down on the ground. However, now you should start running with 'W' (or your forward key) and A or D at same time (movement requires more practice) and flick your mouse only slightly towards the direction. Additional Warning: Don't mix up both ways.
Demo: strafetut2

  » Circle jumps (mostly used for gaps):

Here you use 180 (can be also less than 180) for start-up but flick your mouse in the same way as above. Watch this demo on jm_castle in the gaps area!

Download map: Click here
Download demo: strafetut3

Thank you to Lev!athan for writing the Call of Duty 2 section.

» Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: World at War, Modern Warfare 2

These games effectively uses the same techniques as the previous games in the computer game series, so if you would like to learn how to strafe jump in CoD4 then please read above, and most importantly make sure you watch the video tutorials at the top of this page.

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