Pedsdude        Pedsdude Name: Phil
Age: 28
Xfire: pedsdude

Welcome to my little section! This area is for general information of and updates from me, Pedsdude.

16th December 2012:

mp_stjames .map released -

26th March 2012:

mp_railyard back off track!

21st February 2012:

mp_railyard back on track!

Here's a few quick links related to me:

KillerSam        KillerSam Real Name: Samuel
Age: 27
Xfire: killersamuk

Upcoming map:


A remake of mp_railyard (from CoD1) will eventually be released for CoD4. Map total progress: 30%

Some early pics of mapping progress (obviously not complete (lighting, decals e.t.c)):


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