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 Post subject: Is it possible to Climb Bounce from a high spot after CoD5 ?
PostPosted: November 12th, 2017, 2:35 am 
CJ Wannabe
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Hello ! I'm asking myself this question everytime since mw2 and i would really love a concret answer..

I know it's possible on WaW if you delete patch/fix the bounce "patch".

But what about games from MW2 to WW2 ? You can perform Climb Bounce on every cod , even after the bounce patch. But i was never able to hit a single climb bounce from a high place. I can on CoD4 within 10min , but on cod MW2 to WW2 it doesn't seem possible.

Is this somes kind of patch ? If it's the case , it's seem really weird because you can easily climb bounce from a medium/low high but not from a high place ? Kinda stupid why don't just fix climb bouncing?

Also , is a patch like this even possible ? Something like if player speed/velocity exceed xx amount /not able to hit a climb bounce. I have found this on this forum , a post from [SoE]_Zaitsev :

"Kinda ironic but I remember DanTheMan posting a command on the forums and when using that you couldn't bounce anymore (Nor move up stairs iirc).

Not so long ago after that bouncing got fixed in WaW."

Is it possible that only after a certain speed/velocity or others variables , the game will apply a patch like this to climb bounce ? But again this seem weird since it's apply only to bo 2 shield bounce, MWR campaign headbounce , climb bounce.

Bounces are not height limited on MW2+ , you can hit normal bounce from any height so i don't see why you cannot with climb bounce.

Same goes for MWR with campaign "headbounce" (bounce on your allies head without climbing) , i have seen this post from Ragequit , he hit a headbounce from a huge place using g_speed viewtopic.php?f=62&t=16980

I tried for hours on MWR without g_speed and coudn't hit a bounce from that high once.
Despite that I have no problem hitting a bounce on CoD4/CoD5.

Same goes for BO2 shield bounce , doesn't seem to be possible after a certain height.

Also , MWR campaign headbounce/bo2 shield bounce and MW2+ climb bounce textures is more like an original CoD4 bounce instead of past MW2 bounce where the texture is a bit weird.

Exemple :

Could this be related ?

I believe that by using gravity , you can hit hit climb bounce very easily from any height but i'm not 100% sure about that since i haven't tried myself , this is just rumour i heard ages ago.

I would love to get a answer to this from a professional view or someone that worked a lot with cod engine.

If you don't understand something please let me know , english isn't my native language and my grammer is probably pretty bad.

Thanks you for your help. :wink:

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